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Advocacy & Policy

Since 1982, Trillium has been striving to provide competitive financial returns for clients while helping them leverage the power of their assets to create concrete positive social change. We use an integrated and robust approach to advocacy that includes proxy voting, corporate engagement, and influencing the development of public policy.

With over 30 years of experience in shareholder advocacy we have found shareholder advocacy can be an effective way to have a positive impact on company policies, practices and performance.

We believe being a shareholder carries the responsibility to be an active owner on environmental, social and governance issues. We engage companies on their ESG performance using all of the tools at our disposal: direct dialogue with senior company leadership, filing or co-filing shareholder proposals, working within multi-stakeholder institutions, convening company/stakeholder meetings, investors education, proxy advisory discussions, speaking publicly about issues of concern, and many other tools. In doing so we encourage companies to take positive and impactful environmental and social actions that are consistent with company and shareholder interests or in the interests of our core holdings. In addition to focusing on material issues, we also consider impacts on industries, markets and the broader economy.

As a financial management firm, Trillium often has an insightful perspective to offer on the long-term benefits of public policies that protect the environment, communities, and the people who live in them. We have found that many policymakers at all levels of government are increasingly interested in hearing the voice of SRI investors and we regularly promote public policies that advance the social and environmental goals of our clients.

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