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June 26, 2020

Investors Press Nike,Pepsi, and FedEx on Business Relationships with the Washington D.C. NFL Football Team

Dear U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and Members of Congress,

We commend the Washington D.C. Football Team for announcing today its review of the team name. We also commend FedEx, Nike, Bank of America, and Pepsi for communicating publicly and to the team the importance of changing its name. This is long overdue and follows years of work by countless individuals.

Today, 88 organizations representing $620billion in assets sent letters to Nike, FedEx, and Pepsi urging the companies to terminate theirbusiness and public relationships with the National Football League’s (NFL)Washington D.C. franchise, if it does not stop using the name “Redskins.” Theletters quote from the 2018 National Congress of American Indians resolutionwhich stated:

the use of the R-word as the name and mascotof the Washington National Football League team is offensive and hurtful toAmerican Indian and Alaska Native people and causes direct, harmful effects onthe physical and mental health and academic achievement of the American Indianand Alaska Native populations, particularly youth; and …

despite the team’s arguments to thecontrary, the R-word is not a term of honor or respect, but rather, a term thatstill connotes racism and genocide for Native peoples and for all others whoknow of this history and recognize that it is wrong to characterize people bythe color of their skin;

The letters acknowledge the positivestatements and steps taken by the three companies on matters of racial justice,but focuses on their public business relationships and associations with theteam and argues that such association with and facilitation of the racisminherent in the name and logo runs contrary to the very sentiments expressed bythe companies.

The letter remains open for otherorganizations to join.

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