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Trillium has over three decades of experience managing institutional investment portfolios for numerous organizations including:

• Endowmentswindmill-rectangle
• Foundations
• Pension Funds
• Environmental Non-Profits
• Religious Organizations
• Native American Tribes

We help institutional investors integrate their mission-related values with their investment portfolios, combining impact with performance.

In addition to providing quality investment management, Trillium provides investment advisory services for institutions including assistance with developing and monitoring investment policy statements, educating and presenting to investment committees, and working with third party consultants to create comprehensive sustainable and responsible investment portfolio solutions.

Direct Institutions

Institutional Consultants

How it Works

  1. We will meet with your investment committee to understand your organization’s current and future financial needs, and help you develop an investment policy and asset allocation strategy. We will also talk about how to structure a portfolio that is consistent with the mission of your organization.
  2. Once the organization has made the decision to work with Trillium, we will send our investment management agreement. We will do everything we can to make the transition to Trillium seamless, including working with members of organization’s staff and current advisor to transition the assets to Trillium.
  3. Going forward, your portfolio management team will monitor and make all of the decisions and trades for your organization’s account based on our in-depth financial and ESG research and analysis, and with your mutually agreed upon goals in mind. All account activity gets reported to you in the quarterly statements that we send.
  4. Your portfolio management team is available via phone, email, and in person, to address questions or needs. Your portfolio manager is available to meet with your investment committee or any members of the organization by phone or in person as requested.
Please contact:

Lisa MacKinnon (East Coast)
Vice President, Marketing
Lisa MacKinnon
Will Lana (West Coast)
Partner, Investment Manager

How it Works

  1. Contact us to learn more about the field of sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), how to use shareholder advocacy as a tool to drive returns, and how to create custom investment approaches that combine impact and performance.
  2. We are available to discuss specific mandate requests and our data can be found on most institutional databases.
  3. We often meet directly with our consultant partners at their offices or host due diligence meetings at our Boston office.
  4. Once we establish a relationship, we provide regular updates to our consultant partners on our investment process, performance, and SRI approach.

Please contact:

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