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Our History

Trillium Asset Management is at the forefront of thought leadership and continues to draw from decades of experience focused exclusively on responsible investing. Trillium’s founder, Joan Bavaria, was a true visionary and served as an early catalyst for change in the investment industry. The firm’s innovative approach led to the creation of numerous organizations, the development of the ESG investment field, and the first generation of investors focused on improved environmental, social, and governance outcomes.

Today, the firm is an impact-driven, ESG-focused firm dedicated to aligning values with investment objectives. Trillium’s commitment to active ownership and shareholder advocacy has contributed to concrete and positive change.  

Joan Bavaria
Joan Bavaria founded Trillium in 1982 to provide a space for clients to invest their money in alignment with their values. She is often referred to as the “Founding Mother” of Socially Responsible Investing.  Under Joan’s visionary leadership, Trillium grew to become one of the largest SRI investment firms in the U.S.  Joan was proud to use Trillium as an incubator to create organizations with impact. Our firm helped nurture US SIF, Ceres, SIRAN and Open MIC.
Joan Bavaria (1943-2008)
Founder, Trillium Asset Management
The "Founding Mother" of ESG Investing

Trillium Celebrates Over 40 Years of Investing for a Better World

For over 40 years, Trillium has remained steadfast in our goal to advance humankind towards a global sustainable economy, a just society, and a better world. Learn more about our impact over the years.

40 Year Brochure (PDF)

Assets Under Advisement*

as of 3/31/24



Distinct Strategies


Trillium is founded

as Franklin Research & Development by Joan Bavaria; becomes first dedicated SRI Advisor


(formerly the Social Investment Forum) is cofounded by Joan Bavaria


a nonprofit organization mobilizing businesses and investor leadership on environmental issues is cofounded by Joan Bavaria


First Institutional Strategy

launched by the firm


Trillium becomes the first investment manager to file a shareholder resolution

on sexual orientation with Johnson & Johnson

Trillium becomes signatory of UNPRI

UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Trillium becomes a certified B Corp

the fourth financial firm to receive this recognition


Trillium agrees to be acquired

by Australian Financial Firm Perpetual Ltd.


Trillium recognized as ’Best for World Overall’ Honoree

for tenth consecutive year*


Small/Mid Cap Core

Fossil Fuel Free Core

Sustainable Opportunities

Growth and Income

UK ESG Global Conviction Strategy
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Why Trillium Asset Management?

Trillium offers strategies designed to advance humankind towards a global sustainable economy, a just society, and a better world

Innovators in ESG:
at the forefront of ESG thought leadership and drawing from decades of experience focused exclusively on responsible investing, Trillium uses a holistic, fully integrated fundamental investment process to uncover compelling long-term investment opportunities

Dedicated to Impact:
Trillium believes that ‘impact is active’ and leverages the full breadth of company resources, including a dedicated shareholder advocacy team, to engage with companies and governments, activating stakeholders’ assets in an effort to create concrete, positive social and environmental change on a global scale

Commitment to Community:
devoted to aligning clients’ values and objectives by combining investment solutions with active ownership in order to provide ‘social dividends’  

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