Our approach to Investing in Energy and Power

No genuine effort to slow or combat climate change can ignore Energy and Power.

As long-term, sustainability-focused investors, Trillium understands the magnitude of challenges facing Energy and Power companies. In these areas, Trillium seeks to invest in companies that enable the transition to a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy, and demonstrate alignment with the global ambition to limit climate change. Trillium will not invest in Energy and Power companies that have not demonstrated a commitment to a business model designed to succeed in a low-carbon economy.

While Trillium may invest in companies with a history of or legacy exposure to fossil fuels, such an investment would heavily rely on evidence that the company’s business model has shifted to alignment with net zero emissions. For our clients’ portfolios, we seek to direct capital to companies providing products and services that will thrive in a low-carbon economy, from energy efficiency, to renewable energy equipment and energy distribution. Our approach is guided by science, and relies on emerging frameworks and tools, as this evolution rapidly progresses. This approach is in line with our commitment to align our portfolios with a net zero economy, as members of the NetZero Asset Managers Initiative.

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