ESG Integration & Criteria

ESG Criteria: Positive Thresholds

Following an ESG risk-based screening process, analysts evaluate companies to determine those meeting positive thresholds of performance on ESG issues. This review is the primary focus of Trillium’s ESG research.

Some of the positive ESG qualities Trillium seeks in a company include:*


  1. Limits harmful pollutants and chemicals

  2. Responsible raw material management

  3. Actively lowers greenhouse gas emissions

  4. Utilizes renewable energy sources


  1. Pays employees fair wage

  2. Deploys a robust human capital management strategy

  3. Encourages diversity and inclusion

  4. Supports LGBTQ rights

  5. Operates an ethical supply chain


  1. Strives to have a diverse board

  2. Values separation of CEO role from board chair

  3. Credit quality goals

  4. Pays executives reasonable wages

  5. Dedicated to corporate transparency

In order to reflect the concerns of many SRI investors, Trillium also employs strict exclusionary screens. For example, we will not invest in companies with significant involvement in producing, marketing, or distributing firearms, tobacco, gaming, nuclear power, pornography, or military weapons systems. More information is available by downloading Trillium’s ESG Criteria.

* This is not an extensive list of the positive criteria analyzed during the research process
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