Institutions & Consultants

We help institutional investors integrate their mission-related values with their investment portfolios, combining impact with performance.

Institutional Clients Include:

  1. Endowments

  2. Foundations

  3. Pension Funds

  4. Environmental Non-Profits

  5. Religious Organizations

  6. Native American Tribes

  1. Contact us to learn more about the field of sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), how to use shareholder advocacy as a tool to drive returns, and how to create custom investment approaches that combine impact and performance.

  2. We are available to discuss specific mandate requests and our data can be found on most institutional databases.

  3. We often meet directly with our consultant partners at their offices or host due diligence meetings at our Boston office.

  4. Once we establish a relationship, we provide regular updates to our consultant partners on our investment process, performance, and SRI approach.

Business Development:

Institutional Consultants
Tanya Svidler
Tanya Svidler
Director of Institutional Business Development and Client Portfolio Management
Lisa MacKinnon
Lisa MacKinnon
Global Institutional Business Development
Endowments & Foundations
Will J. Lana, CFA
Will J. Lana, CFA
Western United States
Investment Manager
Sada Geuss
Sada Geuss
Head of Impact Strategy, Investment Manager
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