Advocacy & Policy

We consider it fundamental to our mission and our fiduciary responsibility to engage with the companies that we hold on behalf of our clients to press for positive change on ESG topics or opportunities that we believe will help improve their ESG policies, performance, or impact.

  • Our shareholder advocacy team seeks to leverage the tools available to us as share owners to help change corporate behavior on issues like diversity and inclusion, human rights in the supply chain, climate change, chemical and pesticide reduction, and other pressing ESG issues.

  • In addition to these important advocacy efforts with portfolio companies, our advocacy team also plays an integral role throughout the various stages of our ESG-integrated investment process, including their participation in the ESG performance benchmarking, ESG qualitative considerations, and ongoing monitoring of ESG performance.

  • Strong track record of shareholder advocacy impact over 38 years and depth & breadth of resources committed for these efforts

Shareholder Advocacy Toolkit
Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy, at the intersection of Impact and Investment Management, operates like private equity - advancing catalytic ideas to create positive, concrete improvements in ESG performance on behalf of all stakeholders.

Proxy Voting

Each year, companies seek votes from shareholders on items that are pending on their annual proxy ballots.

The issues that shareholders can vote on range from the approval of boards of directors to social and environmental issues — including proposals that Trillium and other SRI investors file every year. Regrettably, too many investment managers and traditional mutual funds fail to responsibly vote their clients proxies, either by not voting at all or always voting exclusively with managements’ recommended positions.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires investment managers to disclose to clients their policies for voting proxies and their voting records.

At Trillium, we’re proud of the responsibility we’ve taken to develop and communicate to clients our proxy voting policies, and we take that voting very seriously. Below are links to our recently updated proxy voting guidelines and disclosure of all of our proxy votes for the most recent shareholder season.

Shareholder Proposals

Trillium exercises the shareholder’s right to file a shareholder proposal asking companies to implement a specific policy or action.

These proposals can come up for a vote at the company’s annual meeting and can be a key rallying point of a larger campaign to change a corporation’s behavior. In some cases, companies agree to make changes in exchange for the withdrawal of the proposals prior to the vote.

View Trillium's 2019 Shareholder Proposals (PDF)

For shareholder proposals prior to 2019, please contact us.

Important Disclosure: The information provided is not a recommendation to buy or sell the securities mentioned. The securities were selected on an objective basis and do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold or recommended. It should not be assumed that investments in the securities have been or will be profitable.