Our Holistic ESG-Integrated Investment Approach

We believe that a company’s commitment to implementing ESG principles creates a distinct competitive advantage and builds long-term value.

Trillium aims to achieve its investment objectives by adopting a long-term, fundamental, “bottom-up” stock selection approach focusing on analysing individual stocks rather than economic / market cycles, in order to identify companies across various market caps with potential for secular growth (for example, companies involved in internet transformation, healthcare innovation, paperless payments and resources scarcity and emerging markets demographics). Secular growth occurs when there is a long-lasting and essential shift in an industry or sector leading to substantial growth.

Trillium's Sustainable Investment Approach

Trillium's Sustainable Investment Approach

Trillium believes that a company’s understanding, implementation, and commitment to ESG principles demonstrates the quality of ethical leadership. Trillium also believes that this can create a distinct competitive advantage and the potential to deliver long-term shareholder returns.

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