Trillium News
June 9, 2022

WEBINAR REPLAY - ESG Perspectives: Re-shaping Energy Independence Through Renewable Resources

It has become increasingly clear that the transition to a clean energy economy will be critical in establishing global security―economic, geopolitical, and planetary. As an asset manager, we believe our role in achieving this goal will not only require investing in renewable energy companies, but also thinking creatively about the role that companies providing products and services throughout the global economy will play in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Watch Morgan Stanley’s Emily Thomas and Trillium Asset Management's Elizabeth Levy and Cheryl Smith discuss this important topic. They cover:

  • Macro trends and economics rapidly driving the adoption of renewable energy sources
  • A sustainable investor’s approach to analyzing current trends in the global energy system and what future trends may bring
  • How shareholders can engage with companies to press for the clean energy transition
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